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What is the Burnley Plant Guide online?

The Burnley Plant Guide online (BPG online) is an indexed searchable database of landscape plants grown in south-eastern Australia. It is based on decades of teaching and research of plants at the Burnley Campus, University of Melbourne, and has been a key learning resource for students since 2012. For the first time the database and website are now available for external users. The Guide allows you to search, create and annotate plant lists, browse categories and use a glossary of key terms from over 2,700 native and exotic plant species or cultivars, complimented with more than 7,930 high quality images.

BPG online is updated at least every 12 months to include plant name changes and other revisions to content, new images and new plant additions. Our aim is to ensure that you receive reliable, accurate and high-quality information.

Who can subscribe to the BPG online?

Anyone can subscribe, particularly those in the landscaping and horticultural industries. It is also useful for students, for keen home gardeners and anyone with a passion for plants!

How much is a 12-month subscription?

A 12-month subscription to the BPG online is $50. A credit card is required for payment via the University of Melbourne's secure online payment portal. Subscribers can track their remaining subscription period when logging in and receive a reminder email to renew close to the expiry date.

What does the BPG online offer a user that is different to other plant searchable databases?

The Burnley Plant Guide is based on more than three decades of dedicated research, application and input from University of Melbourne staff, students, alumni and industry colleagues. This includes peer review of content from horticulturists, growers and plant experts. While not perfect, it is an independent and reliable resource for plant users.

A major feature of the BPG online remains its emphasis on environmental tolerances. Where many other plant databases emphasise the needs of plants, e.g. "needs a moist, well-drained, fertile soil", at Burnley we recognise that such ideal conditions are rarely to be found. Rather than ask what a plant needs, the BPG online asks, "What conditions will this plant tolerate, and still perform acceptably?" The BPG online helps the user to ensure plant success by selecting plants for their environmental tolerances, while also taking an environmentally responsible approach to plant selection.

Is there a BPG smart phone app?

A smart phone app version of the BPG is only available to students and staff at the University of Melbourne, at this stage we are unable to extend this to external users.

Can a company/organisation get a group discount or receive a single external BPG license?

Unfortunately, no. Each individual user needs to have their own subscription. The University believes that the BPG online is a valuable resource offering unique access to extensive information on plants mainly grown in south-eastern Australia.

Do I get a discount if I am an Alumni of the University of Melbourne?

Unfortunately, no. The modest subscription fee of $50 will allow for continuous upgrade, expansion of content and ongoing development and improvement.

Can I reset or change my password?

Yes, the password can be reset on the login page if you forget it. A user can also change their password on the "My profile" tab on the Home page.

What devices can I access the BPG online with?

You can access the BPG online on a computer, phone and tablet at anytime and anywhere you have internet access, and have it open on a number of devices simultaneously.

Can I get support/help to learn how to use the BPG online?

Yes. Please send an email to bpg-help@unimelb.edu.au with your query or issue.

Further information can be located via the "Help" link located in the footer.

Can you identify a plant using the BPG online?

While the BPG online is not designed for plant identification, most plants in the Guide have several accompanying images. While only some of these clearly show distinctive plant characters needed for definitive identification, the images plus the accompanying text give a good level of detail on which to identify many plants.

The advanced search function can assist with plant identification by narrowing down the specific features of a plant (e.g. flower colour, type, origin) to aid in recognition. The user can use the images of the plant and its associated features (i.e. leaf size, colour, shape and flower colour) to try and identify the plant.

Can I use the BPG online images as part of my subscription?

This website is copyright © The University of Melbourne <current year> and contains images belonging to third parties and published by The University of Melbourne under licence.

All images (photographs and graphics) on the BPG online are copyrighted and can only be used with appropriate citation for non-commercial, educational and personal use. All authorised users of images must cite the author/photographer and the Burnley Plant Guide website as the source of the images. The citation must retain all copyright and other proprietary notices (e.g. Burnley Plant Guide © owner).

Where can I find more information about the BPG online before signing up?

You can send an email to bpg-help@unimelb.edu.au if you have any questions relating to the subscription or about the BPG online.