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The BPG represents the accumulated horticultural expertise of past and present staff of the Burnley Campus but special acknowledgment is made to Professor James Hitchmough, Kevin Blazé and Jill Kellow. Based at Burnley during the 1980s and early 1990s Professor Hitchmough influenced a generation of horticultural graduates through his plant materials research and teaching and provided the framework for the plant data sheets that underpin this guide. The completion of this guide owes much to the ongoing dedicated and comprehensive work of Kevin Blazé and Jill Kellow. Kevin worked on database design and implementation for earlier versions of the BPG and assisted in the early stages of this project. Jill has been responsible for image and data management of the plant database from the beginning and has continued this role throughout. Without her energy, enthusiasm and dedication in keeping the BPG ‘vision’ alive, this product would never have seen the light of day.


Information was provided by Dr James Hitchmough, Philip Tulk, Geoff Olive, Dr Peter May, Dr Michael Looker, James Will, Jenny Leereveld-Holmes, Peter Sheppard, Dr Ruth Beilin, Jill Kellow, John Delpratt, John Brereton, Gary McCullough, Michele Adler, John Rayner, Scott Watson, Karen Smith, Dr Cassandra McLean, Philip Kenyon, Clive Sorrell, Ross Hall, Leigh Stone, Professor Roger Cousens, Associate Professor David Aldous, Andrew Smith, Brian Shields.

University of Melbourne project team

Project management

David Adam and Jenny Bear

Requirements documentation

David Adam

Software development

David Vasjuta and Gordon Yau

Image and data management

Jill Kellow

Interface design

Josella Rye


Dr Dave Kendal, John Delpratt, Jenny Bear, Marjorie Hall, Kate Houghton, Janet O’Hehir, Margot Jones, Jill Kellow


Dr Greg Moore, Dr Peter May, Richard Barley, Warren Warboys, Dr Magali Wright, Peter Symes, John Rayner, Andrew Laidlaw, Geoff Olive, Andrew Smith, Clive Sorrell, Dr Paul Gibson-Roy, Lachlan Andrews, Professor Roger Cousens, Dr Dave Kendal, Kirsten Raynor, John Delpratt, Dr Nick Williams

Taxonomic advice

Dr Neville Walsh, Dr Roger Spencer, Rob Cross, Dr Mike Bayly


Photographers are listed with their photos. We would like to make special mention of the Burnley Student Association, Professor Roger Cousens, Scott Watson, Colleen Miller, Dr Paul Gibson Roy, Dr Dave Kendal, Dr Mike Bayly, Dr Alison Kellow, John Rayner, Marjorie Hall, Cameron Ryder and Homewood Consulting who all gave us free access to their sometimes extensive collections.

Plant identification

Assistance was given by Peter Adams, Jan Allen, Jacinta Burke, Geoff Carr, Karen Muscat, Bernie Hyland, Dr Alison Kellow, Dr Mike Bayly, Don Teese, Jeremy Francis, Evan Clucas, Brett Spek and Steven Ryan.

Gardens, gardeners and nurseries

We thank the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne and Cranbourne, Geelong Botanic Gardens, The Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden, Port Augusta, The Australian Inland Botanic Gardens, Mildura, Hamilton Botanic Gardens, Pirianda Gardens, Olinda, Kawarra Gardens, Kalorama, The Australian Plants Society, Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, Going, Going Green, Bulleen Art and Garden, Kuranga Nursery, Cloudehill Garden and Nursery, Gentiana Nursery, James Dawson Landscape Design, Fytowall, Geoff Olive, John and Pat Anderson, Kaye Stevenson, George and Pat Hetrel, Prue and John van der Linde, Stephen Ryan, Carol and Ken Barelli, Mary Bakker, Elspeth and Gary Jacobs, Iwona and Harry Wakeling, Reg Elder, Anne Kelso, Frank O’Neill, Kate Matthews, Lyn Sutton, Fleur de Feliss and Domain Flowers for allowing us to take photographs in their gardens and shops.

Additional help and support

We thank Marjorie Hall, John Delpratt, Dr Peter May, Dr Dave Kendal, Jenny Bear, Margot Jones, Bob Kellow, Michelle Rayner, Kirsten Raynor, Susan Murphy, Dr Alison Kellow, Judy Allen, Ian Winstone, Ngaire Hudson, Julie Rodman, Jamie Pearson, Nikki Dear, Stuart Miller, Jane Gibb, James Gillespie, Lynn Heath, and the students of Burnley Campus.