BPG Android


  1. Device: Must be running Android OS 4.0.3 or higher.
  2. Apps: Chrome Browser and Downloads.
  3. Security settings: you'll need to comfortable with altering Security settings.

Download the App

Step 1
Using the Chrome Browser app on your Device

Navigate to:

Step 2

Tap the "Download" button and save the download locally

Step 3
Confirm (On Some Devices)

Confirm you wish to download bpg_1_0_0.apk and tap "Download"

Install the App

Step 4
Allow Installation

Open Settings app and then choose Security

Make sure Unknown Sources is toggled on

Step 5
Begin Installation

Navigate back to the home screen/app drawer and open the Downloads app

Tap bpg_1_0_0.apk

Step 6
Install Now

Tap Install

If you opened this page on Chrome on your Android device, you can directly download the app: Download the App